THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO RALPH S. ROUSSELL, JR. We give Our Unyielding Gratitude to Ralph S. Roussell, Jr. for his Amazing Heroism and Patriotism to The United States of America Protecting Us All, Our Country, and All That is Sacred to Us. We Also Convey the Same Gratitude to All of Our Viet Nam Veterans and Each of The Veterans of All The Wars Fought By This Great Nation. What You Should Know About Ralph Roussell and His Great Sacrifice: Name: WO1 Ralph S. Roussell, Jr. Status: Killed In Action from an incident on 06/05/1970 while performing the duty of Aircraft Commander. Age at death: 20.4 Date of Birth: 01/10/1950 Home City: Bogalusa, LA Service: AV branch of the reserve component of the U.S. Army. Unit: 119 AHC, 52 CAB Major organization: 1st Aviation Brigade Flight class: 69-27/69-25 Service: AV branch of the U.S. Army. The Wall location: 09W-016 Short Summary: Both pilots shot on combat assault. Gunner survived. Roussell was A/C Lundequam was pilot. Aircraft: UH-1H tail number 68-16354 Call sign: Alligator 10 Country: South Vietnam MOS: 100B = Utility/Observation Helicopter Pilot Primary cause: Hostile Fire Position in vehicle: aircraft commander Started Tour: 10/16/1969 "Official" listing: helicopter air casualty - other aircrew Length of service: * Location: Binh Dinh Province II Corps. Reason: aircraft lost or crashed Casualty type: Hostile - killed single male U.S. citizen Race: Caucasian Religion: Roman Catholic Burial information: PONEMAH CEMETERY, BOGALUSA, LA The following information secondary, but may help in explaining this incident. Category of casualty as defined by the Army: battle dead Category of personnel: active duty Army Military class: warrant officer This record was last updated on 11/13/2003 The Jades Band's Only Record was a single on Sterlingold Records, Produced by Lundon Lime Productions (Bleu Evans, Ray Scott (Scott Siegelin), David Craig. These songs and this video are dedicated to Ralph. The single recording was recorded at Robin Hood Studios, Tyler Texas, in 1965 and released in the same year. Side A: I WANT YOU BY MY SIDE (original) Side B: HEY GYP (covered from The Animals) (The songs are reversed on this video because I just happened to start remastering “Hey Gyp” first.) The Story Though I had my first studio at this time, to me, it was not as “state-of-the-art” as we required. I built it when I was 11 years old. Going to a noted studio would enable me to learn, I did my research. The studio that had been recording Joe Stampley & the Uniques, had my attention. We talked as a band and decided to go to Tyler, Texas, to Robin Hood Studios built by Robin Hood Brians. Later Robin would record the first four ZZ Top Albums. It was a true learning experience for the Jades and for me as an engineer, I was 14 years old at the time. A year later, Harrison Holmes and I built a console and my second studio was born. We did some respected recordings in studio number 2. But back to Tyler. The original song written by David Craig and James Young, “I Want You By My Side”, was to be the “A” side of the single. Next we recorded a song we covered by the Animals, called “Hey Gyp”, which was to be the “B” side of the record. We flew up to Shreveport from New Orleans and rented a van and drove to Tyler for our scheduled recording session. Kenny drove because he had a driver’s license. We were learning the entire time. We could have done better but for 14 to 16-year old’s, we came out alright. Amazingly, the Sterling Gold Record got an fair amount of airplay in 1965. Regionally, we felt big time though it was our first try. We had a great time and learned a great deal. This record is a bit primitive, but for our age, I’m proud of it. Especially the original track written by David and James. Little did I know what an astounding song writer David Craig would become. David Craig is one of the most creative individuals I have ever been lucky enough to work with in my life. I was also blessed by the character, talent, and commitment of each of the “The Jades”, each who has come to be a Brother and Family Member to me, and each to the other. I had no idea that our musical relationship would go from M & M Music on 4th Street, and Floyd’s, lasting to this very second. I am thankful. To explain the video contents, I had only a copy of the 1966 and 1968 Bogalusa High School Yearbook and a few personal and band photographs to scan. They were extremely low resolution, terrible! I’m sorry, I did the best I could to improve their quality using Adobe Photoshop to create the best images I could with the small scans that were my source. I wish I could have gotten the Entire Bogalusa High School Population in the video. Please forgive me if everyone is not included. I only had a short amount of time in which to place the images in the video, the length of both songs. That is why I recorded the two songs consecutively. Remember, these tracks were recorded in 1965, 54 years ago. I thank God we are all still here and this video will be a complete surprise to the “Jades” as well as any lingering “Jade” fan. I hope that my Band of Brothers, “The Jades” will approve of this video as well as each of you. I’m sorry I can’t tell a short story. I always want to share as many details of our most fun adventures with each of you though it may be overwhelming or boring to you. Please be kind to a 54-year-old recording which was recorded by near 70-year old’s at this time. This was an adventure we (The Jades) were blessed with, as young boys, 54 years back in our journey. All My Best to You and Your Families and May God Bless Each and Every One of You. Thank You, Bleu

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