My Tribute to One of My Best Friends, John D. Loudermilk, and His Wife, Also One of My Best Friends, Susan Chollette Loudermilk

 Susan Chollette & John D. Loudermilk Thank you so much for reaching this special Internet location. It is a very important place for me. What you are reading is my attempt, to share a tribute, an education about a family, feelings, and share with all of you reading this how wonderful, caring, genuine, gracious, and talented a man and his wife (True Love), placed on this earth can be. I will try to describe a friend of mine, his true love, their family and what a blessing their friendship and existence on this earth has meant to me and my family. We recorded so much together over the years. I have been blessed in life and this industry with meeting wonderful folks who became, not only my friends, But Family. Of all I have been blessed becoming friends, No Two People in My Life Have Become So Far Beyond Friends and Become Such True Family Members to me. I am so very thankful to the Lord for John D. and Susan's 50 Years of Best Friendship. I am speaking to you about my friend and his wife John D. and Susan Chollette Loudermilk. I met John D. at an ASCAP Awards Banquet in Nashville. (John D. is a BMI Writer but received many ASCAP Crossover Awards sometimes co-authoring songs with ASCAP Writers) I was completely and totally aware of Mr. Loudermilk, His Music, and His impact on the entertainment industry from an early age. My band, "The Jades", had played so many of the songs John D. had written for many years. You could not be a musician in my lifetime and not have in your live venue song list, songs written by John D. Loudermilk. If you were to be booked a second time at the place you were playing, this was a necessity. You can imagine my complete honor and overwhelming surprise to meet one of my idols that night in Nashville when the President of ASCAP, Ed Shea, (later to become the Mayor of Nashville) introduced me to John on the side of the awards stage. I was there to receive a small award for a recording studio I had dreamed about and built in Bogalusa, Louisiana, Studio in the Country. John D. and Susan would, as my career moved forward and the studio made an small impact on the industry, play a major part in my growing to be a better person and helping me to write a small paragraph in the history of recorded music. I was lucky enough to record many sessions with John D. at Studio in the Country and many other places including Air Studios London. Amazing, Susan has an unreleased album of John D.'s that we finished together in, I think, 1980, which has never been released. I promise that this album, with Susan's permission, will be mastered by Bleu Evans and released in the near future. John D. taught me many things about Life, Music, People, and Patience. Much more than you can imagine. We just hit it off from that night at the ASCAP Awards and never stopped expanding our friendship. As Susan will attest, John D. and I were pranksters and fit together like 2 peas in a pod. We, over time, grew to be feared (in a loving way) by many, knowing that when we were together, in a session or at a restaurant, it was a wise decision to be aware of your surroundings. We were wildly (as well as widely") known as "Top Pranksters of the Entertainment Industry". A title were were guilty of and both proud (in a wonderful way) of the title. I will tell you in all truth, much of what I have accomplished in this industry would have never happened with out the knowledge and people skills that John D. and Susan were able to instill in my soul. Thank you both so much more than I can say in any language I speak. There is not enough Internet space to fully explain the entire story and the major and wonderful effect these two individuals had on me, my family, and any success I have had in my life. I thank God for John D. and Susan. God Bless them and all of their family. Thank you each and every one for taking the time and effort to learn about my Wonderful Friends, John D. and Susan, Bleu

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