Words from a wise man, My Daddy, Smokey Evans This was Daddy’s Advice to His Boy & Anyone who cared to listen. Batch One (to be continued) He always called me "Boy", Lovingly. ● Boy, If you treat everyone you meet in the way i'm going to tell you, your life and the lives of the people you come in contact with will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Boy, Don’t You Ever Let Your Treatment of Another be Guided By the color of their skin, The way they look, if they are sick, the way they talk, their religion, their possessions, or if they have no worldly possessions, where they come from, or the way they dress. You Always treat all of the people you meet with big loads of respect and courtesy. You look um right in their eyes, give um a good firm handshake, (and give a quick bow to the ladies with a honorable smile). Now, if they don’t return your kind treatment or show signs of danger, the next move is up to you! But, above all Boy, use the common sense that God gave you! ● This is a true story shared by My Father, Raphael Semmes "Smokey" Evans, Jr. to all of his children, Mary Jo, Ann, Jane, and me. this happened in the only mercantile (what a general store was called in those days) in Clark County at the crossroads in Pachuta, Mississippi. (Daddy was born there in 1912) Daddy was born and raised as the proud son of a share cropper, My Grandfather, Raphael Semmes Evans, Sr. One day, Granddaddy brought Daddy and his siblings to the mercantile for supplies. Daddy was the second to go into the store after his Father. In the Mercantile, Sitting in an old hand made wheelchair, was a civil war veteran who had lost both legs in battle. Daddy was stunned and saddened more than ever in his short life. Daddy told us then, I thought I had it tough because I had no shoes, (true) until I met this man that had no legs. He never forgot this incident for a second of his life and passed the lesson on to all of us children as he did so many wonderful lessons. These were always in the form of a story we could not forget. I'm sure he had heard the similar passage from the bible, they were devout Christians, but this actually happened to Daddy, Aunt Bessie, Uncle Woodson, and Uncle Howell. This story, told to us by my Daddy, in the form of advise, passes through my mind everyday and has helped me realize that no matter how many tragedies or troubles you have been through, or you are currently facing, someone has been through and is at this time, is facing a much greater hill to climb, and is suffering a much worse fate than you. Daddy said to always be grateful and thankful for everything you have, no matter what it may be. I thank God everyday for all my blessnings and every little thing He has helped me accomplish, no matter how small it may be. Any help given to another and any accomplishment completed, is a Major Blessing. I was blessed to have This Man as My Daddy. ● Help everyone you can and always know that there are many folks in need and much worse off than you. ● Boy, remember things can always be worse. ● Boy, always thank God for your every day and every little thing you have! Always thank God for Everything. ● Boy, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, I wish I didn't Need to, but it important for you to be the best Man you can be for your family and your community. What I have to tell you Boy, even at 12, You can not trust or place faith in 90% of the people you meet, but the worst news is, I’m not sure about the other 10%. ● Boy, keep your zipper up and your respect for Ladies on the top of your list every second of your life. ● Boy, if you are successful, remember, you didn’t get there by yourself! ● Boy, if I ever catch you smoking, you, me, and the switch bush, will have a meeting then and there that you will likely not soon forget. ● Make 1and spend 10. The outlook of a man with no grip on Life. ● A Man without a pocket knife is the the fool! This he said late in his life: ● Boy, I have finally answered this question, after many years of asking Myself: “Boy, you know what I love about getting old? Absolutely for sure, Not one damn thing! Thank you for reading My Daddy’s Words. You may not agree with everything he said, but he said some damn mighty (and heartfelt) words. More to Come! All my best and may God Bless Each and Every One of You. Bleu or Bill.
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